UAE  is one of the most cost- effective business hub in the world that allows international as well as national investors and entrepreneurs from different part of the world to multiply their business inputs into large sums. Added to these features are the different rules and regulations set up by the govt in the country to start up any such firms which are equally applicable to setting up an LLC [limited liability company] in UAE. The most sought after and noticed benefit here is the’ limited liability’ that provides the incorporators  with lots of benefits  in terms of business free environments, relaxed taxation policies , cheap local resources and much more.

Other major points to be taken care of:

  • minimum two to maximum of fifty members, their liabilities in the company limited to their share in the organization
  • the flexibility allowed in the company set up allow the introduction of different profit sharing arrangement where in profits and losses can be shared equally altogether
  • a partnership division of 51 percent to a local national and 49 percent to the company/org is mandatory

Major advantages to an LLC start-up:

  • 100 percent tax free
  • 100 percent repatriation of profits and shares
  • differential profit and loss sharing arrangement
  • investor turns partner in the process
  • easiness of having an international corporate bank account
  • upholding of liberal bank accounts
  • formation of more liberal bank accounts
  • company’s freedom to buy any more properties in UAE
  • UAE resident visa to the entrepreneur /the company holder
  • everyday content can be looked after by a  foreign venture with less interference from the  local UAE partner

Added to the above our  services  include:

  • we help you find a reliable partner for company formation
  • an apt office facility in a lucrative area for your company can be set up in our assistance
  • assistance in helping bank accounts
  • offering  full range support service
  • availing a UAE resident visa for the entrepreneur

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